MARY KAY MONDAY | Review: Mary Kay Satin Lips Set


Where do I even begin with this set? It’s amazing. Buy it. The end. Kidding….. Kind of.

I suffer from really dry lips. REALLY dry. They constantly peel and never seem to stay hydrated feeling. I just recently found a lip balm that seems to last (see my review over eos), but still have dry lips if I don’t keep balm on them CONSTANTLY. So, every few days I use this mask. It really is amazing what it does to your lips.

I first use warm water and wipe them clean with a wash cloth. Then leaving them slightly damp I apply the mask and let it sit for a full two minutes, sometimes longer if I get sidetracked doing something. 😉 Then, I get the washcloth wet with warm water and wipe all of the mask off. I kind of rub the areas that have the most dry skin a little harder to make sure I remove all of it. Then, apply the Satin Lips balm and enjoy how amazing my lips feel for several days!

If you already have a Mary Kay Consultant get with her and get you some of this ASAP. 🙂 If you do not have one, I would love to be yours! I am signing up soon but already have a list of what I will be ordering for inventory, with a couple of these on there. If you want one let me know and I’ll make sure to have plenty on hand!

That said, I want to let everyone know that I am becoming a consultant because I honestly love their products that I have tried thus far. There are several things I haven’t been able to try and I will not recommend or review something that I am not 100% passionate about and legitimately love. I will never try to sell you something that I do not swear by or use myself and I also will not “take” customers away from other consultants. I am still about sharing products I LOVE and it will stay that way. I will continue to review and try other products and will save my Mary Kay ramblings for Mondays! 🙂 Hope you are all just as excited about the Mary Kay products as I am!

REVIEW: eos Lip Balm


A couple weeks back I posted about needing a good lip balm. I have extremely dry lips that tend to constantly be cracking and peeling. I actually found one in my makeup stash that I loved, but the bad thing was, my husband brought it from a dentist’s office. It wasn’t anything name brand. Just something the office gave out with their information. It was a little thick, but it stayed on SO long and left my lips feeling really hydrated and moisturized.

I had been using it until my Little Man who is 1.5 years started licking his lower lip. With the cold weather it got horribly chapped really quickly. I tried everything on it that I thought wouldn’t burn when applied. Nothing was clearing it up. I even used some severe dry skin/eczema cream. That usually got rid of any bad dry patches in the past. Nope. Not with this severely chapped lower lip/chin. It was starting to spread to his cheeks and soon he was just all red and chapped face. Looked awful.

Last week we were at Walmart and I remembered the eos balm had been recommended. I noticed they had this tangerine medicated one and I thought, with it not being minty, hopefully it won’t burn. Applied it to his clean face on all the chapped areas, even cheeks, and would reapply several times throughout the day, especially before laying down for a nap and after waking up. After just a couple applications the redness was noticeably less bright. I was pretty amazed! Now, because he just will not stop the licking, he still has a chapped spot but the eos is keeping it as under control as possible and keeping it from looking bright red and painful. If he would stop licking his mouth I think it would be all healed up by now. Hopefully, this little habit dies soon.

I have also used the balm on my dry lips and it is a thicker formula like I like that really moisturizes and hydrates my lips. It stays on a long time without needing to reapply. I am extremely picky when it comes to lip balms. I have never found one that I loved and felt like it was actually doing something for my lips besides Burt’s Bees, and Lypsil. I highly recommend the eos! Plus, how fun is the shape?!

From the Evolution of Smooth website: “eos lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft, and sensationally smooth.”

I am not affiliated with eos in anyway. I did not receive anything for this review from the company and purchased all products mentioned with my own money.

REVIEW: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara


I have seen this mascara recommended from a Beauty Guru on Facebook. I had seen it mentioned several times and while in Walmart last week I noticed they had two in a pack. So, you essentially got a free one. I thought, “What the heck… let’s try it out.” I’m always on the search for a good mascara. I have pretty long lashes so I don’t need anything for length but more for volume and separating. I do like it to add some length, though.

I’ve been using this mascara for about a week. My first reaction was that it was dry and strange. I thought my tube was empty and I was about to be upset. I started putting it on my lashes and it did separate them and add some volume. So, it’s just a dry formula but strangely, it doesn’t clump like a lot of dry formula mascaras tend to do. Which I find to be a very good thing. The brush reminds me of my Covergirl Lash Blast (in the orange tube) mascara wand. Another strange thing about this mascara is that, unlike other mascaras that tend to get more dry as you use them, this one has seemed to become a little more moist. Or maybe I am getting used to the formula finally? Who knows. All I know is that this mascara does give great volume and does separate the lashes really well! I don’t feel like it adds a ton of length but it has become something I use everyday. I’ve found that I can apply two coats of this mascara, let it dry, and then add one coat of my Covergirl Lash Blast to add a little bit of a darker black color and a little more length. Seems odd to use two mascaras but they compliment each other well and I’m loving the look I’m getting vs. only using one or the other on their own.

Covergirl Lash Blast was once my favorite mascara and now the two together will probably be what I do until I can find something else that works as an all-in-one lengthener and volumizer. I’m so picky about mascaras and always on the search for that perfect one. Until then, these will work. 🙂 When I do find that one amazing mascara you all will be the first to know. Until then, you might check out the Physicians Formula and see what you think of it.

I purchased mine at Walmart for about $8 dollars. They currently have two in a pack.

Would I purchase again? Yes. I like the volume and separation it accomplishes.

REVIEW: December Ipsy Bag


I got my first Ipsy bag in the mail the other day. I was SO excited about this bag! First let me start off by explaining what Ipsy (formerly My Glam) is.

From the Ipsy website: “Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using.All for only $10 a month.”

So, why I think this is amazing: I paid $10 for the bag you see above. It came in a cute hot pink bubble pack in the mail. How fun is that? Then I open it to find the small makeup bag. They send you a different makeup bag every month. To me it doesn’t feel like a cheaply made bag at all. It’s something that can definitely be reused and tossed into another bag or purse. They aren’t always solid prints either.

Then, inside the bag is where it got exciting. Right away I saw the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil. I’ve been wanting to try these! They retail for $18. The one I received does seem to be a travel size but, it’s still a great size! Then, I got a red lipgloss from be a…Bombshell in the shade Hot Mess. Super pigmented, although slightly sticky and I don’t like sticky glosses. I probably won’t repurchase but if you have a tolerance for slightly sticky glosses, I would check the other shades out. The color is gorgeous though, and I got a full size which retails for $14! Next, a FULL SIZE  Mirabella’s face primer. I like it a lot. It feels like my Prime Time from Bare Minerals but you need even less of it to get all over the face. Mirabella retails for $29!! Next, the Mai Couture Highlighter Papier. I have seen these but never tried them and still haven’t yet. I’m interested though. They’re sheets that you tear off and can use to highlight the face and the body vs. using a pressed powder highlighter.  The booklet I got contains 25 sheets. You can get 50 sheets from Nordstrom for $28! Lastly, another product I was excited about, the NYX loose pearl shadow. Mine came in gold. SOMETIMES everyone gets the same color in products and sometimes they send out different colors in each bag. Everyone got black for the eyeliner and everyone got red for the lipgloss. The loose shadow was the only thing that could be different this month, I believe.

So my bag retails for over $60 but I paid $10! I can’t wait to see what next months bag is going to contain!! To sign up for your own Ipsy bag visit their website!

I am not affiliatied with Ipsy or any of the brands mentioned above. I bought the Ipsy bag with my own money and the reviews of products are my personal opinion. I do not recieve anything for you signing up for your own Ipsy subscription.

REVIEW: Hard Candy Kaleyedescope baked eyeshadow duo


I was pleasantly surprised with this duo. I liked the pigmentation however, I felt it could be slightly more pigmented but for the price I think it is good. What I liked most about it was that I got a nice eyeshadow look only using it and some eyeliner and mascara. No need to grab different shades. I think if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to fuss with your eyeshadow too much, one of these duos would work perfectly. I got the one called “High Maintenance” which is funny because it isn’t that at all. Very easy and low maintenance, but it looks as though you worked harder on the look.

I used the lighter shade all over my lid and under my brown bone. Then, came in with the darker shade which has a really nice, almost plum like tone to it that doesn’t show well in this photo. I blended this into the crease and darkened it slightly in the outer V of my eye. Next, I used a sharpened pencil liner to line my lash line and SLIGHTLY wing it. I also lined my waterline with the eyeliner pencil and then came back in with the dark eyeshadow shade and a pencil brush to line my lower lash line. Curl your lashes, apply mascara, and you’re good to go!

Would I recommend these duos? Yes, I think I will even try other colors.

What didn’t I like? I wished they were slightly more pigmented, maybe a little softer.  

Where I purchased mine: Walmart for $6

Bottom line: I say if you want an easy look, with minimal product, these duos are great. Or, if you’re in a hurry and need something quick without thinking too much, you’re safe to grab one of these and rest assured you have a complete eyeshadow look. Not all of them would work this way but quite a few of the shades available would. 

CVS HAUL and review: Revlon Lip Butters and Lipstick


Shades from left to right: Red Velvet, Sugar Plum, Raspberry Pie, Gumdrop, Sweet Tart, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Frosting, Creme Brûlée, Creamcicle

I absolutely love these Lip Butters. They’re like a thicker feeling chapstick with tint. Some of the shades are more pigmented and others are sheer. I noticed the lighter shades to be more sheer. The Red Velvet is the first pictured and that photo doesn’t do it justice. It is a highly pigmented red on the lips! Really pretty and perfect for that bold look that is popular right now. Wear it with a neutral eye or soft smoky eye and you’re styling for this season! They do last several hours without feeling like they are no longer moisturizing and the Red Velvet on color lasted a very long time! I could still see a red tint on my lips after wearing it all day and applying Chapstick over it. I definitely recommend these. I got two of mine Buy 1 Get 1 half off (CVS’ last sale) and the rest were 75% off! CVS will still have certain colors for 75% off until all products are gone. The clerk told me they were making room for more product. Maybe new colors? I don’t know. I can only hope!


I also got the two lipsticks pictured above as they were also 75% off. Coralberry is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s Vegas Volt and Fuchsia is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s Girl About Town.

Check out my post on MAC dupes.

**CLOSED** *GIVEAWAY: BH Cosmetics Palette!*

In honor of hitting 100 (now 105) ‘likes’ on my Glossy Talk Facebook page I will be giving away the BH Cosmetics Day & Night Palette! I own two palettes from BH Cosmetics that I love. I use the 88 Neutral Palette almost every day. I saw this new palette on their website and thought it was perfect for our first giveaway! I am thinking I may need to order one for myself soon. 🙂


Now, to enter the giveaway you must do all of the following!

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I will contact the winner via e-mail so please provide it! The giveaway will close Wednesday, December 12th and the winner will be announced on Facebook! Open for the United States only.


I am in no way affiliated with BH Cosmetics. I did not accept anything in return for hosting this giveaway or reviewing their products. Everything mentioned in this post has been bought with my own money.