REVIEW: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara


I have seen this mascara recommended from a Beauty Guru on Facebook. I had seen it mentioned several times and while in Walmart last week I noticed they had two in a pack. So, you essentially got a free one. I thought, “What the heck… let’s try it out.” I’m always on the search for a good mascara. I have pretty long lashes so I don’t need anything for length but more for volume and separating. I do like it to add some length, though.

I’ve been using this mascara for about a week. My first reaction was that it was dry and strange. I thought my tube was empty and I was about to be upset. I started putting it on my lashes and it did separate them and add some volume. So, it’s just a dry formula but strangely, it doesn’t clump like a lot of dry formula mascaras tend to do. Which I find to be a very good thing. The brush reminds me of my Covergirl Lash Blast (in the orange tube) mascara wand. Another strange thing about this mascara is that, unlike other mascaras that tend to get more dry as you use them, this one has seemed to become a little more moist. Or maybe I am getting used to the formula finally? Who knows. All I know is that this mascara does give great volume and does separate the lashes really well! I don’t feel like it adds a ton of length but it has become something I use everyday. I’ve found that I can apply two coats of this mascara, let it dry, and then add one coat of my Covergirl Lash Blast to add a little bit of a darker black color and a little more length. Seems odd to use two mascaras but they compliment each other well and I’m loving the look I’m getting vs. only using one or the other on their own.

Covergirl Lash Blast was once my favorite mascara and now the two together will probably be what I do until I can find something else that works as an all-in-one lengthener and volumizer. I’m so picky about mascaras and always on the search for that perfect one. Until then, these will work. 🙂 When I do find that one amazing mascara you all will be the first to know. Until then, you might check out the Physicians Formula and see what you think of it.

I purchased mine at Walmart for about $8 dollars. They currently have two in a pack.

Would I purchase again? Yes. I like the volume and separation it accomplishes.

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