Oh Man…. where do I even start with this post? I have been MIA from this blog for quite some time now and honestly, it’s because I’ve only been buying one brand lately. I didn’t want to come here and sound like I was trying to push this one brand on anyone but I can’t hold back anymore. I’m still not trying to push it, try it, don’t try it…. wait… DO try it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s the best long lasting lip color I have tried. I’ve been wearing it for months now trying to be certain that I was as hooked and committed as I thought I was becoming. In the beginning I kept thinking, “I don’t like this. What’s the hype?” I didn’t like it because it burned my lips in the beginning, not a bad bu54a083d37b454ca6c90d893631390ae9rn, more of a tingle, as in alcohol on dry lips, which was exactly what was happening. It contains SD40 alcohol, which is cosmetic grade alcohol that keeps everything inside the tube sanitary, and aids in the longevity. But, I had chronic dry lips… generally unhealthy lips. I always wanted matte lips, but the matte lipsticks looked disgusting on my dry, chapped, flaky mess of a mouth. Not cute, I tell ya. Then I had distributors telling me to stick with it. That this lip stuff was going to actually HEAL these chronically dry lips of mine. I thought, “Yea right.” But alas, I stuck it out. I wore it every day. Pretty soon, I wasn’t waking up in the morning having to exfoliate the flakes away. My lips were smooth. I couldn’t believe it. I would have stuck with this product for the long haul, for that fact alone. However, the lasting power!! Holy moly you guys! This stuff stays put until you are ready to remove it. I apply it onceย a day and I’m good all day long. That’s not an exaggeration, let me just link a video right now that shows you what I mean. It isn’t going to budge, smudge, kiss off, get eaten off, nothing.

Tell me that isn’t just awesome sauce! The color shown in this video is the exact color that Christina Aguilera wears. In interviews she has said that she loves it because of the fact that it won’t smear on her microphone.

I alsoย love theย below video because she discusses the importance of correct application. It’s so important to apply it correctly to get the best coverage and wear.

I’ve tried going back to regular lipstick you guys. I just can’t do it. I was getting my products from my mom, she was a distributor and selling in her hair salon. Since then, I have bitten the bullet and signed up to be a distributor as well! I can’t even rave about this product enough. It has become my go to lip color. I now own 37…yes 37 colors and I am ready to get rid of all of my waxy products that don’t last or do anything good for my lips!

I hope you guys will give it a try! If you know someone that sells it, get in contact with them ASAP! If you don’t, I will be more than happy to help you out. You can purchase by going to http://www.senegence.com click BUY NOW and use my distributor ID: 180127 to login and get a customer ID number.




Product Rave & Review | L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Hello lovelies!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. My 6 month old has decided that sleep is overrated so we have been quite worthless around here on most days. I think his reflux was bothering him quite a bit so we have him on some new medication and fingers crossed that it helps.

Today, I have a rave/review on a L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow. These are single eyeshadows from the drugstore for about $8 so, they are a little more expensive than a typical single eyeshadow from the drugstore. However, the quality is great. The consistency is quite different than anything I have ever tried before. L’Oreal describes it as a “powder-cream” texture. It is almost a loose pigment that has been pressed but isn’t as solid as a regular pressed shadow. Very interesting, and quite hard to explain. Get ya hands on one girl, you won’t be disappointed. I recommend Bronzed Taupe for your first shade to try out. It’s a great eyeshadow that you can use to create a one shadow look. Because of the shimmer, almost metallic finish of it, and how the light catches it, it looks like you have used two shadows vs only one. I like to pack it all over the lid and then use a fluffy brush to blend it into the crease.

Here are a few pictures of the product and a swatch. Notice the little stopper. Don’t throw it away! It keeps the product in place, I’m guessing. But, it actually says on the stopper “Do not discard.”





on my nails: Essie – Turquoise & Caicos



Do you see those horrible under eye circles? Yuck. They are, without a doubt, my most hated thing about myself. I literally don’t go to the gym without putting concealer under my eyes. If I know someone is coming to our house, I run and put concealer on. I can’t remember how long it was before I even let J see me without makeup. All because of those nasty blue circles.

I am an NC15 MAC shade. However, I get NW15 in this concealer because it will have a pinky undertone which counteracts the bluish tint under my eyes. If you aren’t sure of your shade the ladies at the MAC counter are very helpful and can help match your skin tone for you. I highly suggest going to a counter. I ordered mine online because I knew what I needed. They have free shipping most of the time which is great. So if you are sure on the shade and you don’t have a store near you, ordering online is always a great options. Back to my shade, I am obviously very pale right now. If there was a way to go a shade lighter than my foundation shade I would. However, NC15 and NW15 is as pale as it gets with MAC. NC has a yellow undertone and NW has pink undertones. Most people will be NC which is yellow undertones. If you are darker than an NC15 or NW15 go a shade or two lighter for your under concealer. It will really brighten the area and help get the awake look.

Now, on to how I apply mine.
One pump on the back of my hand…


Then, I apply a generous amount under my eye in a triangle shape with my ring finger.


Next, I take a damp sponge like a Beauty Blender. I find this step crucial with this concealer. It really is best applied with a damp sponge. I pat pat pat it all in. I forgot to take a photo of this step. Here is one eye done and the other not.


It looks like a subtle difference in the above picture but wait until you see the difference from the before and after full face makeup! This concealer is specially formulated not to crease and it really doesn’t. It is great! However, to up my coverage I take the lightest shade of Bare Minerals powder foundation and apply that right on top of the concealer. It is just what I have always used to set any concealer because it adds even more coverage, which I feel I need.

Here is the finished look:


Lastly, ignore my poor brows. I am attempting to let them grow in a bit.

Mary Kay Products I LOVE

Mary Kay Products I Love

I usually post about Mary Kay on Monday’s but I’ve been slacking and haven’t posted about it in some time, so here is a little Mary Kay Friday for ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As many of you know I sell Mary Kay. I have tried quite a bit of their products now and here are a few that I really LOVE. Of course, with ANY brand there are hits and misses. I have found some misses within this brand but for the most part I honest to goodness love the products. There are a few things that you are better off buying at the drugstore because they are so much cheaper, as is the case with other brands. Take MAC for example. You can buy all MAC lipliners because they have a great range of color, or you can save some money and get some NYX lipliners which are good and have a pretty good range of shades as well.

The products I have picked here are ones that stand out to me within the brand that I will continue to purchase for myself. I have already bought backups of a few of these. I have also recently bought new products that I have yet to test for you all so this may need an update at some point.

First, let me say that I did not include the eyeshadow and blush. It’s great though. I use it frequently but I also use a ton of other eyeshadows and blushes from other brands. I find those are things that people tend to really use from a variety of brands. I love MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte, theBalm, Wet N Wild, Makeup Geek, BH Cosmetics…. and so many other drugstore brands!

Lipsticks are kind of the same, but like MAC has their’s that stand out, I love the True Dimensions line from Mary Kay. The formula of this lipstick is amazingly moisturizing feeling. I am very picky about lip products, as I have dry lips and I can’t wear any matte formulas. This formula isn’t too glossy that it doesn’t stay on, but glossy enough (if that is the right word here) that it feels comfortable on the lips. My absolute favorite shade is Color Me Coral. I feel it’s a flattering shade for most skin tones!

When it comes to skin care Mary Kay is my new favorite. Before I started selling I had only tried products from the drugstore. I immediately loved my Mary Kay Timewise Miracle set, but I thought to myself, is it because it’s the first “high end type” skincare product I have gotten? I decided to test a few others. I’ve recently gotten products from theBalm and the highly raved about Michael Todd True Organics. I wasn’t impressed with theBalm’s. Michael Todd was good but I didn’t like the scent and the cleanser I got I felt like left a strange feeling on my Clarisonic after I used it with it. Almost, a waxy feeling. The rest of that cleanser is now sitting in a drawer. I really prefer the Miracle Set over everything else I have tried.

There is also the Timewise Microdermabrasion Set which is AMAZING. Seriously. You need it in your life. When you need to slough off all the dead dry skin and leave it feeling super soft and fresh. Use this! It’s great. Do not overuse it though. Limit it to 2-3 times a week waiting 2 days between applications and do not use with acne treatment products.

Satin Hands Set…. you all have probably already heard about this. It is definitely a Mary Kay bestseller and is great. It is a three step process to leaving hands feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Travel Roll Up Bag – If you travel you need this. It is GREAT! Each clear bag within the black roll comes off so that you can take one individual bag to the bathroom with you if you don’t need the entire roll.

Mascaras… I was on the fence about the mascaras, I will be completely honest. I thought to myself, “Well geez, I can get my Maybelline The Rocket much cheaper!” Well, I started using the lash primer which helps boosts the drama on ANY mascara you choose. I was in love with it. Then, I recently got my Lash Love back out and the Ultimate mascara. I knew I loved the brush on the Lash Love and that it did a pretty good job of defining my lashes and lengthening, it just didn’t give me the added volume that I wanted. The Ultimate, which is formulated for volumizing, didn’t give me the length I wanted. Use these two together and BAM! Dramatic gorgeous lashes! I had previously said that the Lash Love clumped on me. I believe I was trying to use way too much. Most mascara is going to clump if you continue to coat it on. I am definitely a two to three coat kind of girl to get the drama that I like with my lashes but, the Lash Love isn’t formulated for that, it’s for definition which it does very well. So, put one to two coats of that on and then go over with The Ultimate for volume. The Ultimate also is formulated not to clump and I have never had any problems with it trying to, no matter how much I pile on. LOVE LOVE LOVE these two together. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Also, the staying power of the Mary Kay mascaras is AMAZING. I HAVE to use an eye makeup remover at the end of the day, which brings me to my next product.

Oil Free Eyemakeup Remover – holy moly. I’ve tried others. They can’t compare. Honestly. Get ya some.

Liquid Eyeliner – this is my new favorite. I love the felt tip applicator for the precise line. It doesn’t smudge or smear and dries quickly. Love it. My new go-to liquid liner.

Eye Primer – Their eye primer has been my favorite since before I signed up to sell the products. It’s what I reach for all of the time. My mom likes Urban Decay Primer Potion so I gave her mine. I didn’t care for it because I prefer my Mary Kay primer over everything else. True story.

Mary Kay lip primer – I just recently got this. It is supposed to prep and prime your lips for your lipstick. You are to use it all over the lips, and outside of the lip line, to fill in any small fine lines that your lipstick might settle into. So far, I’m thinking I REALLY love this stuff. I have only tried it a few times but so far… LOVE.

Luminous Wear Foundation – all of their foundation is honestly great. I’ve tried a ton of drugstore and love my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus and the Loreal True Match Lumi, but I really like the Mary Kay coverage. If you have dry skin the Luminous Wear is for you. If you have oily the Matte Wear is perfect. If you like a powder, they have that too! It’s all really good.

Lastly, I have to give an honorable mention to the concealer. Before I discovered my new HOLY GRAIL under eye concealer, I really loved Mary Kay’s. I was able to hide the appearance of my under eye circles and conceal any blemishes all over the face. It is a great concealer with really good coverage. I still use this and prefer it for any spot concealing on the face but now have a new favorite for under my eyes. I’m working on a blog post of that and will share it soon. I want to get a before and after shot for you so that you can really see how well this new found amazing concealer works. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There you have it! Just a few (or a lot) of my favorite Mary Kay products. If you have a question about anything else shoot me an e-mail and I will answer you with 100% honesty! Standout products for me is the skin care. It’s really great! Then, of course, all other products mentioned here.

E-mail: brooketurney(at)marykay(dot)com

Website: http://www.marykay.com/brooketurney

What are YOUR favorite Mary Kay products?

Review: Revlon Lash Potion Mascara


I picked this up a couple of weeks ago at CVS. It is a new mascara from Revlon that comes in 3 shades: Blackest Black, Black, and Brown. The pretty packaging pulled me in and so did the claims…

What it claims to do: Spellbinding Volume. Supernatural Length.
Magically transform lashes to lush, long and lustrous. A potion with strengthening proteins drenches lashes for volume. Triple-groove wand combs through for clump-free length.

Now first off, it isn’t clump free. So that was a huge disappointment. Second, it doesn’t lengthen as much as I hoped and isn’t as buildable as I want because of the clumping. If you do two light coats you can get away with little to minimal clumping as seen in the photo on my right eye. But, I really like to wiggle the mascara brush into my lashes with each coat and if I do that with this mascara, it starts to clump. I would say it isn’t the worst but isn’t the best I have tried either. I would give it an above average grade of a B+. I prefer my Maybelline The Rocket over this.

Bottom line: I probably won’t purchase this again.

June Ipsy Bag Product Review | Cailyn Gel Liner


Here is the contents of my June Ipsy Bag. I don’t think I am a fan of the fact that products vary from subscriber to subscriber, but I am pleased with this months bag. So far I have used the Cailyn Gel liner and wow! I am pleasantly surprised! This eyeliner retails for $21! That more than pays for our June bag if you are one that received this product!


My first impression when I only saw the product was “Ehh… Looks okay, that brush will probably be useless.” As most brushes that come with products are… That, however, was not the case! I love the brush that came with this liner. It is really easy to use and works well for that winged out cat eye look. I just may end up using the brush with my Mica black gel liner that I got in a previous bag. The consistency of this gel liner vs. the Mica is much more creamy, and seems to go on smoother. It’s buildable from a light application to intense, which I liked. I have not had any issues with it smearing when I opened my eye before the product was dry. I really enjoyed this liner. Today is my first day to wear it, so I will come back and update on the longevity of it. It claims to be 24 hour wear.
UPDATE: This is indeed 24 hour wear. I fell asleep without washing my makeup off. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know, I know! Eyeliner was still in place the next morning!

Did you receive this eyeliner? How are you liking it?

REVIEW: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Alright, so I had posted that I had picked a couple of these up at the store. I got the black and nude colors. I got these eyeliners for the main purpose of trying them out in my water line. I have the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero and I know I’m going to hear gasps but… I’m not a fan, AT ALL. It runs like crazy in my waterline and is gone before I even leave the house. Also, I realize that Perversion is supposed to be more black than Zero but as you will see in the swatch just the Scandaleyes Black is way more pigmented than even then Urban Decay Zero. I wore this yesterday and couldn’t believe how well it stayed on! I had worn it for about 3 hours when I went to do a mirror check to see how it was holding up, I was shocked! It was still on my waterline and hadn’t run into the corners of my eyes nearly as bad as other liners do. There were a few places that it looked like it could be touched up but I’ll admit I was literally two inches from my mirror thoroughly checking it out. I had been out in the wind and cold even so for it to still be in my waterline as much as it was, I was definitely impressed.

They are creamy & smudgeable, if you act quickly but, once dry they aren’t budging! I rubbed my finger over the swatches of all of them and guess what? The Urban Decay smeared and the Rimmel didn’t move. Again… I’m impressed.

Bottom line: Highly recommend.



REVIEW: Real Techniques Brushes


I have been wanting to try this line of brushes. I’ve seen them used quite a bit and was debating between this face brush or a Sigma Round Top Kabuki brush. I opted for this one because of the price! The Sigma brush was about $18 (still cheaper than MAC by far) but, I picked this one up while in Ulta for half price since they were having a buy one get one half off sale. The powder brush was $9.99 and the Expert Face Brush is originally $8.99. Really amazing price for the quality, in my opinion.

Now, I still love my Beauty Blender and it probably is my favorite application tool for foundation, but sometimes you are just too lazy to mess with getting it wet and washing it after. At least I am. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, I had been needing a good brush for that. I have a MAC 190 (flat style foundation brush) but I hate those types of brushes for foundation. They make my foundation look streaky and it seems like its harder to blend it all in well. I do love to use mine for patting in my under eye concealer though.
Which is a good tip! Don’t feel like you have to use each brush for what it is labeled. Use it for what works best for you.

I finally used the Expert Face Brush the other day and I absolutely love it. It’s so soft on the face but dense enough to really buff your foundation in. I also like the handle and how it feels in my hand. The flat bottom is also great for standing it up on your dressing table. I will most definitely be purchasing some eye brushes to try. They didn’t have any at this Ulta so I will be looking around for those!

All-in-all I say if you want a good quality brush, but need to find a more inexpensive option, these are the brushes for you.

MARY KAY MONDAY | Review: Mary Kay Satin Lips Set


Where do I even begin with this set? It’s amazing. Buy it. The end. Kidding….. Kind of.

I suffer from really dry lips. REALLY dry. They constantly peel and never seem to stay hydrated feeling. I just recently found a lip balm that seems to last (see my review over eos), but still have dry lips if I don’t keep balm on them CONSTANTLY. So, every few days I use this mask. It really is amazing what it does to your lips.

I first use warm water and wipe them clean with a wash cloth. Then leaving them slightly damp I apply the mask and let it sit for a full two minutes, sometimes longer if I get sidetracked doing something. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then, I get the washcloth wet with warm water and wipe all of the mask off. I kind of rub the areas that have the most dry skin a little harder to make sure I remove all of it. Then, apply the Satin Lips balm and enjoy how amazing my lips feel for several days!

If you already have a Mary Kay Consultant get with her and get you some of this ASAP. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you do not have one, I would love to be yours! I am signing up soon but already have a list of what I will be ordering for inventory, with a couple of these on there. If you want one let me know and I’ll make sure to have plenty on hand!

That said, I want to let everyone know that I am becoming a consultant because I honestly love their products that I have tried thus far. There are several things I haven’t been able to try and I will not recommend or review something that I am not 100% passionate about and legitimately love. I will never try to sell you something that I do not swear by or use myself and I also will not “take” customers away from other consultants. I am still about sharing products I LOVE and it will stay that way. I will continue to review and try other products and will save my Mary Kay ramblings for Mondays! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are all just as excited about the Mary Kay products as I am!

REVIEW: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara


I have seen this mascara recommended from a Beauty Guru on Facebook. I had seen it mentioned several times and while in Walmart last week I noticed they had two in a pack. So, you essentially got a free one. I thought, “What the heck… let’s try it out.” I’m always on the search for a good mascara. I have pretty long lashes so I don’t need anything for length but more for volume and separating. I do like it to add some length, though.

I’ve been using this mascara for about a week. My first reaction was that it was dry and strange. I thought my tube was empty and I was about to be upset. I started putting it on my lashes and it did separate them and add some volume. So, it’s just a dry formula but strangely, it doesn’t clump like a lot of dry formula mascaras tend to do. Which I find to be a very good thing. The brush reminds me of my Covergirl Lash Blast (in the orange tube) mascara wand. Another strange thing about this mascara is that, unlike other mascaras that tend to get more dry as you use them, this one has seemed to become a little more moist. Or maybe I am getting used to the formula finally? Who knows. All I know is that this mascara does give great volume and does separate the lashes really well! I don’t feel like it adds a ton of length but it has become something I use everyday. I’ve found that I can apply two coats of this mascara, let it dry, and then add one coat of my Covergirl Lash Blast to add a little bit of a darker black color and a little more length. Seems odd to use two mascaras but they compliment each other well and I’m loving the look I’m getting vs. only using one or the other on their own.

Covergirl Lash Blast was once my favorite mascara and now the two together will probably be what I do until I can find something else that works as an all-in-one lengthener and volumizer. I’m so picky about mascaras and always on the search for that perfect one. Until then, these will work. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I do find that one amazing mascara you all will be the first to know. Until then, you might check out the Physicians Formula and see what you think of it.

I purchased mine at Walmart for about $8 dollars. They currently have two in a pack.

Would I purchase again? Yes. I like the volume and separation it accomplishes.