Beauty News Flash!

While drinking my tea and finally sitting down to read my September Allure issue, I came across something very exciting! 


Look close… Do you see it??


Did you catch it?  MINI BEAUTYBLENDERS! They look to be an inch in length when dry. Just like the article says, they’re going to be perfect under the eyes and in the creases of the nose. I have to get my hands on a pack of these asap!

Currently, I use my Makeup Geek foundation stippling brush; which is very much like the Sigma F80 flat top. It is great all over the face and then to blend concealer under my eyes, I use my regular Beautyblender.  It is amazing for that but a smaller version is going to be ideal! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Let me know you’re thoughts.  Do any of you beauty lovers already own one? 

Here is a video review of the mini from The1nonlymaria on YouTube.

Matrix Oil Wonders Review


I was given several of these samples the last time I went to pick my mom’s order up at the local beauty supply. I only have two left and I’ll definitely be purchasing big bottles once these are gone!  I love it! It makes my colored hair feel so healthy and shiny.  I highly recommend it!

Product Fail! Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil


#1 in a new series of products I regret buying!

Maybelline Master Shape by Eyestudio: I’ve tried and tried to use this. It’s just terrible. I bought Auburn because I color my hair red. The shade is fine, although not very pigmented,  the real issue lies in the formulation. It’s SO soft. You can’t even sharpen it without it breaking. If you do happen to get it sharpened enough to use you will use anything up that is there once you start applying it. It’s just a hot mess y’all!  Don’t waste your money like I did!