Product Fail! Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil


#1 in a new series of products I regret buying!

Maybelline Master Shape by Eyestudio: I’ve tried and tried to use this. It’s just terrible. I bought Auburn because I color my hair red. The shade is fine, although not very pigmented,  the real issue lies in the formulation. It’s SO soft. You can’t even sharpen it without it breaking. If you do happen to get it sharpened enough to use you will use anything up that is there once you start applying it. It’s just a hot mess y’all!  Don’t waste your money like I did!

2 thoughts on “Product Fail! Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil

  1. I just started playing with pencils for my brows and I actually liked this one BUT It is one of my first and I totally agree on how I sharpen it and use it once and it’s gone and needs to be sharpened again…There way of making you buy another one I guess?!? I won’t buy you have any recommendations for a pencil for me…drugstore possibly?!? I want to eventually get the ABH brow wiz one or It’s build-a-brow..any thoughts are greatly appreciated..Just found ur blog and am lovin’ it! ❤

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