Beauty News Flash! Rimmel Apocalips have hit the US!


If you follow what is happening in the beauty community you know that our UK friends have been enjoying the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers for some time now. What they claim to be via Rimmel:

Earth-Shattering Color

  • For the first time, the intense, richer color of a lipstick is enhanced by a smooth satin shine
  • Ultra-intense, ultra-comfortable – it lasts all day
  • It’s neither a lipstick… nor a gloss… it’s BIGGER than both

The earth-shattering lip lacquer from Rimmel London combining the intense color of lipstick with a lacquer like shine, Show Off Lip Lacquer is an explosive make-up phenomenon that represents the end of color as you know it. Packed with pure color pigments, its lusciously creamy, conditioning formula promises a never-before combination of color, shine and comfort that last and last.

Those are some pretty big claims right? Supposedly, they really are pretty great. Now us makeup junkies in the US are able to try them! As of now, you can find them on under a new name, Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer. What is even more amazing, and shows that it pays to wait…. there are only 8 shades available in the UK, there are going to be 14 shades available here in the US. I still have not heard when they will hit stores. Hopefully soon! If you spot them, be sure to let me know where! 🙂

Available now at

Available now at

Update: I have seen several places online that there are some displays up in Walgreens stores already! I will be checking mine tomorrow and will let you know.