REVIEW: Real Techniques Brushes


I have been wanting to try this line of brushes. I’ve seen them used quite a bit and was debating between this face brush or a Sigma Round Top Kabuki brush. I opted for this one because of the price! The Sigma brush was about $18 (still cheaper than MAC by far) but, I picked this one up while in Ulta for half price since they were having a buy one get one half off sale. The powder brush was $9.99 and the Expert Face Brush is originally $8.99. Really amazing price for the quality, in my opinion.

Now, I still love my Beauty Blender and it probably is my favorite application tool for foundation, but sometimes you are just too lazy to mess with getting it wet and washing it after. At least I am. 😉 So, I had been needing a good brush for that. I have a MAC 190 (flat style foundation brush) but I hate those types of brushes for foundation. They make my foundation look streaky and it seems like its harder to blend it all in well. I do love to use mine for patting in my under eye concealer though.
Which is a good tip! Don’t feel like you have to use each brush for what it is labeled. Use it for what works best for you.

I finally used the Expert Face Brush the other day and I absolutely love it. It’s so soft on the face but dense enough to really buff your foundation in. I also like the handle and how it feels in my hand. The flat bottom is also great for standing it up on your dressing table. I will most definitely be purchasing some eye brushes to try. They didn’t have any at this Ulta so I will be looking around for those!

All-in-all I say if you want a good quality brush, but need to find a more inexpensive option, these are the brushes for you.