Do you see those horrible under eye circles? Yuck. They are, without a doubt, my most hated thing about myself. I literally don’t go to the gym without putting concealer under my eyes. If I know someone is coming to our house, I run and put concealer on. I can’t remember how long it was before I even let J see me without makeup. All because of those nasty blue circles.

I am an NC15 MAC shade. However, I get NW15 in this concealer because it will have a pinky undertone which counteracts the bluish tint under my eyes. If you aren’t sure of your shade the ladies at the MAC counter are very helpful and can help match your skin tone for you. I highly suggest going to a counter. I ordered mine online because I knew what I needed. They have free shipping most of the time which is great. So if you are sure on the shade and you don’t have a store near you, ordering online is always a great options. Back to my shade, I am obviously very pale right now. If there was a way to go a shade lighter than my foundation shade I would. However, NC15 and NW15 is as pale as it gets with MAC. NC has a yellow undertone and NW has pink undertones. Most people will be NC which is yellow undertones. If you are darker than an NC15 or NW15 go a shade or two lighter for your under concealer. It will really brighten the area and help get the awake look.

Now, on to how I apply mine.
One pump on the back of my hand…


Then, I apply a generous amount under my eye in a triangle shape with my ring finger.


Next, I take a damp sponge like a Beauty Blender. I find this step crucial with this concealer. It really is best applied with a damp sponge. I pat pat pat it all in. I forgot to take a photo of this step. Here is one eye done and the other not.


It looks like a subtle difference in the above picture but wait until you see the difference from the before and after full face makeup! This concealer is specially formulated not to crease and it really doesn’t. It is great! However, to up my coverage I take the lightest shade of Bare Minerals powder foundation and apply that right on top of the concealer. It is just what I have always used to set any concealer because it adds even more coverage, which I feel I need.

Here is the finished look:


Lastly, ignore my poor brows. I am attempting to let them grow in a bit.


  1. Does Mac Pro Longwear work good on blemishes? I tried it once but had trouble blending it so I returned it but now I have a beauty blender so I would like to try it again 🙂 And do you have any drugstore dupes for the pro longwear?

    • It does work on blemishes just definitely use the beauty blender and build up the coverage you need with thin layers. 🙂 I have tried applying this concealer with my finger and I don’t like it that way. For me, the BB is a must.

      I haven’t found a drugstore dupe for this concealer yet. It is such a unique formula.

  2. My dark circles are much worser than yours. I guess this is the price for having kids. Lol anyways my dark circle is getting ridiculous horrible by the days. I hope this Mac Pro longwear works on me. I also have hella wrinkles underneath my eyes too. Do you know any home remedies to remove those panda eyes? i heard using temeric powder. idk.

    thanks for the taking the before and after pix. Miracle of makeup.

  3. This seems to work so well for u. if I try and go two shades lighter to highlight after a while it starts to look grey, that’s with any concealer. I’m a medium brown skin tone and I use a nyx orange corrector first then concealer (cause concealer on it’s own is worse) and then foundation but it only works for a few hours it then becomes grey! Help, please! Any tips?

    • I have the same problem with my dark circles. There is a mac has a prep n prime in orange use this first. Then use a concealer mac pro concealer in the color of your skin tone with a beauty blender. If you want to highlight you can use a lighter concealer after using mac prep n prime in orange and a pro concealer your skin tone first. I hope this helps you.

    • If I use a setting powder immediately after I do not notice much creasing. It does SLIGHTLY. I tend to have concealers crease extremely bad on me, so the amount that I notice I can definitely live with.

    • In this current tutorial I was using MAC Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation. It’s a great powder foundation with great coverage. In the colder months, I do have to switch to a liquid and usually only set my concealer with a powder. Right now I like ELF undereye setting powder or ELF HD Setting Powder.

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