Mary Kay Monday..err Tuesday? Timewise Miracle Set



Timewise Miracle Set

From the company: “​With 11 age-defying benefits in one system, the TimeWise® Miracle Set® is clinically shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help improve skin elasticity and even skin tone.”

I just recently started using the Timewise Miracle Set. I have to admit. I didn’t expect any miracles, but I was hoping to like it. I have never used an actual skin care line before. I usually always had my favorite cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from the drug store, a mixture of all different brands. However, I really am loving this line. I’ll probably not use anything else from now on! My favorite out of it is the Night Solution Gel. Good stuff! There are a ton of other products within this skin care line, for any issue you may want a little help with. I am also using the Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer but haven’t used it enough to review for you yet. The Firming Eye Cream seems to get rave reviews if you need a good eye cream. I have not personally tried it yet since I am testing out the Targeted Action one. Anyway… let’s get into the products included here one by one in the order you would use them.

The cleanser: I’m using the set for normal/dry skin. I have dry skin so the cream cleanser formula in this set is perfect for that. It is a cream that does not foam up, so if you do not like cream cleansers you will want to go with the cleanser for oily skin. The company says, “The cleanser combines age-fighting benefits plus three essential skin care benefits in one product, to cleanse, exfoliate and refresh – revealing younger-looking skin.” I love how smooth it leaves my skin after using it. No drying, tight feeling.

Day Solution: “TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35* helps prevent sun damage such as lines and discoloration before they occur by blocking damaging UVA/UVB rays.” -Mary Kay Company.  I personally have not been using the day solution. I used it one time and felt it a little bit too wet/greasy for my taste. I hate saying greasy because it isn’t really that. I just like products to really soak into the skin and not leave any feeling of residue after, or like there was product sitting on top of my skin. For me, I felt I could still feel this, so I opt to not use it. It’s a great product if it works with your skin though, and all skin types are different. It is a sunscreen that you can use daily and you should ALWAYS be wearing a sunscreen. Since I don’t use this I use the Mary Kay Foundation Primer that has added SPF.

Night Solution: “​A unique delivery system of encapsulated vitamins and antioxidants combined with collagen-enhancing peptides that smooth and firm the skin.” – Mary Kay Company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Not only does it enhance collagen but it feels moisturizing and refreshing because it is a gel. I use this every single night after the cleanser. You only need one pump and apply all over the face. Your face will feel so…. refreshed is the word that keeps coming to mind. I couldn’t live without this in my night time routine!

Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer for normal/dry: “formulated with an exclusive dream humectant blend, plus powerful antioxidants that help guard against free radicals to help skin look and feel smooth and radiant when used in conjunction with the ​TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser.” -Mary Kay Company. My new favorite moisturizer for sure. I’m really picky about face moisturizers. I always find them to be too greasy or thick. I have always been on the lookout for something that is really absorbed into the skin because I want to be able to apply my makeup over it during the day without feeling like I need to blot off excess moisture/residue first. This is the one. At night after the night solution soaks in and I apply this. Aahhhh, a little bit of heaven. I love washing my face at night just for how this feels after everything. During the day, even after just the cleanser, the moisturizer feels nice and refreshing and it’s light so you can wear it under your makeup with no problem, and then apply your foundation primer. Again, I like to use the Mary Kay Primer for added SPF.

Hope you all found the review helpful. I AM a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. You can purchase this set from my WEBSITE  or by e-mailing me

If you currently know and have a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant contact her to find out how to purchase this set. 

The full sized set is $90 and the 30 Day Trial Set is $44. The Primer mentioned is $16. 

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