November Faves!

First off welcome to my new blog! I’m excited about getting to blab about makeup and other beauty products. I’m even more excited that so many of you are interested in reading it!

So let’s get right to the meat of this post; what I’ve been loving this month. There are more things than pictured below that I use and love, but these kinds of posts will be about new products I have purchased within that month, or something I have rediscovered (the lotion). I will be working on a separate post soon about my holy grail items that I can’t live without.


NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture palette

I have really been loving this palette. It opens like a book and on the first page you get 24 eyeshadows. There are two sponge applicators but they’re crap. I don’t dislike sponge applicators but these seem cheap. Not the case with the rest of the contents though. The eyeshadows are great and blend really well! Some of them could be a bit more pigmented but a good eyelid primer helps. The second page has two glosses that I LOVE, three bronzers that are great for contouring. I’ve been using those and the blushes everyday. There are two blushes and I believe the little leopard square marbled one is a highlight, at least that’s what I have used it for. It’s a really pale shimmery pink. The blushes are super pigmented and you barely need any on your brush. These will last you a long time! Find it at NYX Cosmetics $25. I lucked out and scored mine off Amazon for $9.95 and free shipping! Make you a wish list and watch your items! πŸ™‚


Pixi Concentrate Corrector in Brightening Peach
About $15. You can find this brand at Target. I have been using this under my eyes to cover dark circles. To cover the bluish tones under the eyes, you really need a corrector that is a peachy salmon color. I want to try the Eve Pearl salmon concealer but it is double the price of this. So, I’m testing this one first and waiting to find a good deal on the other. So far it’s working really well. I use it after my moisturizer then apply my foundation and then a light concealer (Maybelline one pictured).

Maybelline Fit Concealer
This is a liquid concealer that uses a wand/sponge applicator like you would see on a gloss. It covers redness really well and blends into the skin well. I like how it brightens under my eyes a bit more after I’ve applied everything else. About $6 and you can find it at most drugstores and Walmart.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Where oh where have you been all my life? This foundation is amazing! It is a thicker consistency and a little goes a long way but the coverage is awesome. It is full coverage, so if you don’t like that it may not be for you. Now, it is also a pretty matte finish, so if you have dry skin like me you can mix this with a bit of another foundation that has a more dewy finish, like the Neutrogena Healthy Skin. That is what I do and it comes out to be the perfect combination. This stuff lasts ALL DAY. When I wash my face at night and splash the water all over it, it still doesn’t run or start to come off. It doesn’t budge until I use my cleanser. I got mine at Walmart for about $10.

Beauty Blender
If you have me on Facebook you’ve seen me posting about this. I’m in love. It gives you the most flawless application of your foundation and even blotting in your concealer. Yes it is a pricey little sponge but it is worth every penny. Yes, it is a pain to wash it out after each time you use it but again, worth it. Definitely use it as directed by getting it wet and then squeezing all excess water out. Now, go buy you one of these babies! Amazon $13.54

Corn Huskers Lotion
I use this stuff every night now that it has cooled off. My hands have started to get dry and I am really weird about lotion. I hate how greasy some can be and that they don’t seem to soak into the skin. Especially for me, with my sweaty hands. Lotion and sweaty hands just does not mix. This stuff though… Love it. It soaks right into my skin leaving them feeling super soft and doesn’t burn when they’re really dry. It also smells so yummy. It almost has a baby powder smell. Really fresh and clean. We got ours at Walmart years ago and still have this bottle. I found it the other day while cleaning out the bathroom and its been sitting beside my bed ever since. Amazon has it listed for $3.87 and Walgreens for $2.89. I believe it’s also available at CVS. I’m sure prices will vary.

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